Enjoy the atmosphere of Mols at restaurant Brasserie










Snack of the day

DKK 75,-



DKK 40.- per piece


Oyster in 3 different variations

DKK 145.- 




Pâte au Torchon, terrine on duck and pork with pistachios, mustard and quince

DKK 155,- 


Grilled Scallop, orange, hazelnut, brown butter and pickled pumpkin    

DKK 155.-


Chevre Chaud, with bitter salad, glazed walnuts and pickled plums  

DKK 145.-


Tartar of beef with pickled cucumber, cognac and baked tomatoes 

DKK 135.-


Main courses


Moules Frites. Steamed Danish mussels with herbs, chips and aioli

DKK 235.-


Skind fried mackerel with cucumber, onion, caviar and aromatic bouillon 

DKK 275,-


Danish selleri in brown butter with caramelized cream, roasted almonds and comté 

 DKK 225.-


Pheasant with local beets, cherry, figs and portwine jus 

 DKK 275.-


Doe with blackberry, chanterelles, mushroom creme and cocoa glace 

 DKK 295.-


Grilled entrecôte served with salad, green of the day and redwine glace with smoked marrow 

 DKK 350.-





Chips with Aioli
DKK 45.-


Green salad with vinaigrette 
DKK 45.-




Cheese plate with housemade garnishes

DKK 155.-


Pear marinated in cognac with dark chocolate ice-creme and almonds 

DKK 115,-


Classic Creme Brûlée with sorbet  

DKK 135.-


Bananasplit with vanilla ice creme and chocolate sauce 

 DKK 135.-


Sorbet on candy beets with licorice in variation and gel pomegranate 

 DKK 115.-



For the Kids 


Children's burger with homemade beef patty, pancetta, salad and chips  

DKK 95.-


Plaice fillet with pickles and chips

DKK 90.-





 Please note during special events there will be fixed menus and might be sold out. For more information please click book a table.  




We reserve the right to make changes and sell out dishes




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