In 1923, the architect Egil Fischer bought a large plot from farm-owner Sigvard Sørensen. Egil Fischer’s vision was to create a holiday resort by Femmøller Strand.

The first thing he did was to build an inn at the point where the roads to Mols, Ebeltoft and into Djursland meet. But, despite its location, Molskroen was never going to become a conventional highway inn. Right from its opening, the quality of the food and the seaside location meant that guests from all over Denmark often used Molskroen as an exclusive seaside hotel and eatery.

In 1940, Molskroen was razed to the ground in a fire that broke out in the half-timbers while a gas burner was being used to thaw a frozen water pipe. When the building was reconstructed, it was in the same style – but this time, with twice as much space.

In the 1950s, Grethe and Georg Christensen took on the lease. Previously, Georg Christensen had worked at establishments including Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen, Hotel Metropole in London and Hotel Eggerts in Gothenburg. Under the management of Grethe and Georg Christensen, Molskroen became so wellknown for its gourmet cuisine and fine wines that diners came from far and wide – from Denmark and abroad to visit.

Molskroen has been refurbished many times over the years – most recently in 2013, when the current owner, Henrik Frederiksen, made extensive renovations and subsequently added Molskroen Strandhotel.