Molskroens Evening Menu

~ 10 Servings ~


Champagne from kr. 200,-  


Poached King Crab 

Sauce of coconut milk and Baerii Caviar


Prawns- and cheese, roasted in browned butter with ponzu and herbs


Pommes Galette 

Danish caviar, cream on horseradish, and pickled onions

Poached Oysters

Cabbage shoots, cornichons, and wild chamomile in a creamy champagne sauce


Roasted Fish

Variation of Jerusalem artichokes and apples, served with marbled sauce and winter truffles


Surprise Serving

Varies after the daily delivery of vegetables and fish



Greek yoghurt, olive oil, and sea salt


Stuffed Morel

Seared and glaced, served with preserved berries and chicken jus with browned butter


Grilled Canette 

Juniper crust and intense sauce spiced with Chinese pepper and ginger


Molskroen’s Cheese Trolley

Danish cheeses with garnish and crispbread

Extra kr. 200,- (Max. 6 people)


Local Blackcurrants

In variation with fermented honey


Coffee, tea, & petit fours

Extra kr. 125,-



7-servings signature menu kr. 1100,-

Wineparring kr. 1100,-

Prestige wineparring kr. 1900,-


10-servings signature menu kr. 1400,-

Wineparring kr. 1400,- 

Prestige wineparring 2600,-


Both menus can be parred with a non-alcoholic beverage menu








For reservation please contact us at +45 86 36 22 00 - 1 or send an e-mail 




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