The Molskroen  - Vision of Food & Sustainability

Our vision of sustainability is a daily and integrated focus in our way of producing Molskroens signature menus and it comes very natural to us here at Molskroen as our hotel and restaurant is situated in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by a diversity of local farmers producing all kinds of vegetables, fruits, berries and dairy products, which we use in the preparation of our menus.

Steffen Villadsen, head chef at Molskroen since 2016, has searched the area and our beautiful Nature Park Mols Bjerge for organic producers that we wish to co-operate with, in order to maintain and increase our focus on sustainability.

This year we have a new set of goals, and in that process we have a written policy, which is updated every year. In 2019 we obtained 1 ring in the new Nordic 360eatguide for our work regarding sustainability. Read about the 360eatguide her:

HIGHLIGHT : The Michelin Guide  - Price for Sustainable Gastronomy 2020.

Molskroen is honored with a New Green Price on February 17th:

The New Michelin Sustainability Emblem 2020 

- launched at the Michelin Star Revelation in Trondheim, Norway. Read more about the green Sustainability Price here:

“A collaboration with a local organic farmer enables me to place my identity on the cooking. Working in a sustainable way means happy guests and our all-encompassing sustainability programme also ensures the well-being of the team.”

Steffen Villadsen, Molskroen.

Molskroen 2020 Vision

Our vision is to be a conscious green restaurant, but without giving up on our true style of cooking which is based on classic French cuisine. Our ambition is never to compromise our taste and style, at the same time being focused on a clear strategy of sustainability. This is an exciting process that will challenge the team at Molskroen to develop and discover new, refreshing and creative ways of cooking classic comfort food.

Local farmers

Most of the farmers and suppliers are organic, and they all do everything by hand in the very old-school way. Farming without pesticides, use of machines and provided by own compost. We have over the years obtained a close relationship to the all the farmers here at Molskroen.

In our own garden at Molskroen we grow our own herbs, berries and flowers at a lower scale, as well as a bee hive, to provide fresh honey to the kitchen.

All flower decorations in the restaurant during summer season is based on locally farmed flowers by Helge’s Most og Grønt.

Our supply of lamb, cattle and hen-birds are all from local farmers from Djursland. At the same time we have a goal to cut back on the use of meat in our daily menus, meaning that only one out of 6 dishes in our Signature Menu is based on meat.

This years winter menu contains a dish made with a unused cut of meat from Danish pork called "presa". The meat origins from heavy pigs which normally isn’t used for the meat industry. In this way we use Danish meat and an overseen cut from an overseen animal. On every menu we always prepare a vegetable dish made entirely from locally farmed vegetables.

The seaside & seafood

Our restaurant is situated 200 metres from the sea. Seafood is a big part of our menu and a steady year-round supply. The fish we buy is either local or line-caught fish with the MSC stamp of sustainable fishing.

When we open the front door of the restaurant you literally step into nature. We pick herbs, mushrooms, berries and whatever nature can provide. All natural and healthy.

We use our surroundings and nature in the kitchen and we keep it real oldschool. In terms of our classic French backbone but also in terms of the close contact to our beautiful area of Mols,

Our goal is to maintain the good relations with the farmers, and eventually cut out any outside producer and only cook with ingredients coming from our close environment.


We make our own non-alcoholic beverage pairing for our menus. Using the same principle as we do in the kitchen. Many of the ingredients is gathered in our close surroundings, such as elderflower, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, spruces etc.

In total, 80-90% of our menus that we produce are organic with a focus on use of local, organic suppliers.


Over the past years we have built a close working relationship with Helge Bülow, an organic producer and farmer on Djursland, close to Molskroen. Your will find more info here:

Our friendship and common understanding of nature and sustainability in production has become essential in the way we work. Through planning and good meetings and talks we are guaranteed delivery up to 80% of our need for fresh, organic vegetables, strawberries, fruits and eggs.


This year we are pushing even further in all areas where we can improve our actions regarding af more sustainable gastronomy platform. We are working explicitly defining yearly action plans in areas such as food suppliers, waste policies, laundry supply etc.

This year we have engaged with our laundry supplier to maximize the most sustainable way of our laundry process, regarding linen, table cloths, napkins and so on. On this matter there is attached a full written policy by our supplier that will elaborate on the subject.øsninger/Documents/DFD_CSR%20Rapport%202018.pdf

Waste & Recycling

We are committed to reuse rubbish. We are engaging in a new project with Helge’s Most og Grønt. They are our sole supplier off organic eggs. So any organic fruit and vegetable peels or left-overs will be collected to be fed to the hens. For other non-organic or imported waste we plan to have our own compost in the garden from April when the frost ends. The composted soil will then be used for gardening purposes.

Al other garbage (cardboard, plastic, food waste and all packaging from drinks (soda, wine etc.) is picked up and reused.

Food waste

We have a steady routine of minimizing food waste. Anything that can’t be frozen or pickled will be delivered to our other restaurant; Molskroen Brasserie, situated across the street, just 2 minutes away. This is a high quality bistro type of restaurant, and a part of the Molskroen business (same owner / by Henrik Frederiksen). In that way we minimize food waste.


Find Molskroen Signature Menu here: