Enjoy the atmosphere of Mols at restaurant Brasserie

The Molskroen Brasserie

Lunch menu

Lunch is served from 12.00 until 15.00 

Table reservations are necessary and can be done online.



Croque Madame. Grilled sourdough bread with Skagen ham, gruyere, mustard dressing and fried eggs
DKK 95.-

Omelet Saison. Omelette with seasonal filling and Comte in the middle
DKK 115.-

Salad of brown crab with jalaneos, chives, sour cream and bok choy.
DKK 125.-

Moules Frites. Steamed Danish mussels with herbs and French fries
DKK 135.-

The brasserie's classic stirred tartar with pickled cucumbers, dried tomatoes and herbs. Served with French fries
DKK 125.-

Chevre Chaud. Gratinated goat cheese, marinated salad, baked apples and balsamic vinegar
DKK 125.-

Foie gras terrine with pickled grapes, fried brioche and honey
DKK 145.-

Tuna tartar with crushed avocado, mango / chili sauce and roasted sesame
DKK 145.-

Grilled Danish lobsters with salad from “Helges Grønt”, homemade aioli and caramelized lemon
DKK 250/350.-


For the youngest:

Children's burger with vegetable sticks, fries and dip
DKK 90.-

Plaice fillet with pickles and chips
DKK 90.- 


Arla Unika cheese plate with homemade garnishes

DKK 110.-

The last berries of the summer with elderflower mousse, pickled green strawberries and kombucha

DKK 95,-

The wildest banana split with real vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and cream chantilly

DKK 95.-

Classic Creme Brûlée with sorbet

DKK 115.-


Table reservations are necessary and can be done online.


Please note during special events there will be fixed menus and might be sold out. For more information please click book a table. 

We reserve the right to make changes and sell out dishes.


Molskroen Strandhotel, Hovedgaden 31a, Femmøller Strand, 8400 Ebeltoft
Phone: 86362200 press 2 for the Strandhotel - Email: strandhotel@molskroen.dk