Brasseriet at Strandhotellet


Brasseriet's Classics from the 16th of January 2019

Served Wedensday - Sunday 17.30 - 21.00

Grilled Langoustine 
with Aiolo and Caramelised Lemon

Small portion DKK 168,-
Large portion DKK 298,-


Grilled Lobster from Tank 
with Lemon, Sauce Tartar, Aioli, marinated Fennel, and hand-cut fries

Daily price


Mols Burger
with Mayo, Ketchup, Iceberg Salad, 
Cheddar, Bacon, pickled red Onions and fries

DKK 148,-


800 g. Veal Cutlet
with homemade Fries, mixed Salads and Sauce Bernaise
DKK 348,- couvert
(for 2 persons / 45 min cooking)


The Traditional

Creamy Barley
with braised Pork, pickled red Onion and Breadcress
Kr. 178,-

Boeuf Sauté Stroganoff
on Beef tenderloin with Pommes Puré, roasted Mushrooms and Paprika
Kr. 178,- 

We recommend that you make a reservation in advance.


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