February 2019



3 oysters Perle Blanche
Fresh oysters from Normandy with tomato and horseradish
kr. 200

50 gr. Oscietra Caviar
Sour creme, chives and fresh made waffles
kr. 750

Tatare of ox
Classic tatare with herbs, chips, pickles and caviar

kr. 225

Salted and steamed cod
Baerii Caviar, buttersteamed cabbage and sauce Beurre Blanc
kr. 225

Soufflé of Scallop, foamy Champagnesauce and black truffle
kr. 250

Main Courses

Pan seared turbot ”soufflé”

Variation of Jerusalem artichoke, apples, truffle and musselcreamsauce
kr. 350

Beouf Wellington
of Danish ox sauce Bordelaise and garnishes
kr. 450

Danish lobster a la Thermidor (1/2 lobster)
Pommes Duchesse, sauce Mornay and pickles
kr. 550

Peppersteak of Danish beef tenderloin
Flambeéd at your tableside
kr. 600



Molskroens cheesecart

Danish cheese with garnish and crispbread
kr. 200

Baba au Rhum
Ananas Creole, crème Chantilly and vanilla icecream
kr. 200 

Chocolate soufflé
Rasberry sorbet and ganache (allow 30 mins cookingtime)
kr. 300